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The main goal is to help job seekers and recruiters to find the perfect match in few steps, in an easy, fast and effective way.

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After posting a job, we offer a really simple way of managing the second step, which is the interviewing process. Say goodbye to excel sheets, and external time management tools.

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We are the only company who is offering this for the first time. No more painful installing issues, no more skype, hangouts, etc. Everything in the browser, everything in one platform.

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Because finding a job is not enough, we would love to have you sharing your experiences with other people like you. Share pictures , videos, job offers and more.


Working in Customer Service: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

As a 19 year old in Latin America, I was straight on the path everybody takes. I finished my High School with average grades, and went to Law School. I don't know exactly why I picked up that path: I just did.

Enter 2016. I am completely bored and frustrated with me career decision. I wanted out, and on October I decided to ...

Let’s Get You Started: Creating a Job Offer

Remember, the employer-employee relationship doesn’t start on the first day of the job. It officially starts with the job offer. It’s like reeling in a potential candidate in a big ocean, but the moment is so rare that you have to move fast to catch it or lose the chance forever. Now, let’s head down to your page and make it inviting as it’ll ever be!